Olivia Green
I never expected raw vegan and gluten-free cakes could be so delicious. It’s great that fully plant-based desserts can be so pretty and yummy.
Ann VL
I’ve been vegan since 2014, trust me I’ve tried a lot of vegan and raw-vegan deserts, made by myself or others. Yesterday I’ve tried the best vegan cake in my life! 5 stars it’s not enough! I spent a half of the night thinking how to support the business that does such an amazing and healthy food for people. First time I regret that I’m not a blogger and I don’t have thousands subscribers:))) Thank you guys so very much for your amazing product, and for love and affords you put in it! It also looks so beautiful, I loved those colored layers! I’m definitely your loyal customer!
Absolutely amazing cake!!! My daughter is allergic, but our cake was really healthy and very delicious!!! Thanks a lot Alexandra!! See you next time!!😁
Butcher EMS
Absolutely amazing dessert!! You would never know it’s gluten and diary free plus sugar free!! This is the best hidden gem!!! Can’t wait to order more!!! If you haven’t tried them yet do yourself a favor and order this guilt free dessert ASAP!! Thank you for making our holidays with this yummy pumpkin cake!
Alex Smith
Raw Passion is my favorite place for some healthy desserts. I had purchased their cakes several times. Their vegan raw cakes tasted so delicious + they are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free! Great for people who suffer from gluten and dairy intolerances like me. Thanks for creating these yummy desserts! Can't wait to try more flavors.
Emily Willson
So tasty vegan cakes, couldn’t believe it’s all natural and healthy